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Pricing Information

How long does it take to process, ship and receive an order? What is the shipping fee?

 During checkout, our site will allow you to select the time you want the doll received in. The time and the fee depend on the option you select. The options for a bobblehead are as below:

  • Standard sculpting (ships within 2-3 weeks, proofing)  $29.00
  • Urgent sculpting (ships within 15 working days, proofing)  $39.00
  • Super urgent sculpting (ships within 10 working days, proofing)  $49.00
  • Wow, I need it now (ships within 5 working days, no proofs)  $69.00

* In most cases we can deliver your bobbleheads according to the time frame you seleted. We send photos to you during production for approval, if any delays in receipt of approval of the proof or changes to the proof are requested, additional time may be needed to complete the job. click here to see our shipping policy.

* We ship all the bobblehead dolls via FedEx and DHL, you may get your bobbleheads within 2-4 days after shipped.

What's the quot for bobble?

1 x Bobble:

Standard sculpting (ships within 2-3 weeks, proofing):



If you order more than one piece, we only charge for 1 shipping cost(standard shipping).

For exampl

2 x Bobble:

Standard sculpting (ships within 2-3 weeks, proofing):