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    Love this item! The seller was so efficient and helpful and cannot believe how much detail has gone into ensuring the correct design for dress, shoes etc.- friends and family are so impressed! Brilliant keepsake for post wedding too.

    By Stephanie C., from United States

    Bobbleheads were a hit at our wedding! I had six groomsmen, her Stepdad, and my Dad, and a ring bearer. All 10 turned out great! It took a while to get most of them right, because I was so picky, and wanted adjustments, but the maker of these bobbleheads usually responded within 24 hours with the changes. They emailed me probably 20 times to make each one came out great. Probably 8 out of 10 looked exactly like my groomsmen, and the other 2 were pretty close. In retrospect, I wish I would have taken more time, but they all looked great! It is something all the guys were happy to get. Perfect gift for a groomsman.

    By Jenny P., from United States

    We were SO weary of ordering because we were placing a large order of 50 dolls for a work event. I can assure you this website is legit and they delivered everything I asked for. I was able to get 50 dolls in a few weeks. Julie emailed me on a regular basis with updates of the process and dealt with my constant nagging in a professional manner. If we do it again we will use WOWBOBBLEHEAD without a doubt.

    By Tkmethven S., from United States

    Used for a radio station promotion and was amazed by the accuracy of the likenesses of the bobble-heads. Very well done, fast and a fair price. Good communications throughout the process. I recommend them!

    By Cincy D., from United States

    We want to thank you so very much for delivering our bobblehead wedding cake topper on time and in beautiful form. We were very happy to receive it and thought that it was a fantastic way to help celebrate our special day. Please feel free to use this testimonial for future customers- Kelly and Scott

    By Scott Rosso, from United States

    This custom bobbleheads cake toppers was a major hit at our wedding! It was a surprise for my husband; he was blown away. All of our guests got a kick out of it too and several people asked where they could order one. The design process was quick & personal, with a 24-hour email turnaround (the toppers are made in Hong Kong). The design team wrote back and forth several times to get the details just right and they were willing to accomodate special requests such as putting my hair in pigtails and adding a teeny tiny ladybug to my hat to mimic our original photo. I figured the novelty of seeing ourselves in wedding clothes would wear off, so instead I chose a picture that was meaningful to us, with a custom pose and wildly colorful clothes and they did a terrific job of bringing the moment to life! We bought a glass dome separately to preserve it.

    By Amy Schultz, from United States

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